Making sandwiches is an easy way to use up some of your holiday meal leftovers, but it can get boring after a while if you’re just using the same ingredients over and over. Here are a few suggestions for livening up your sandwiches without going to too much trouble.

1. Dress It Up

A turkey sandwich tastes like turkey – unless you get creative with your dressings and create some new flavours. For example, instead of the usual plain mayonnaise, why not try a more unusual flavor, such as a chilli or chipotle mayo instead. Experiment with different salad ingredients too – instead of lettuce, try some shredded cabbage, arugula, sauerkraut, sprouted legumes or seaweed – you get the idea.

sandwichAvocado slices add a luxurious touch, as do unusual types of cheese and toppings. Just consider each sandwich layer in turn, and think of alternatives, experimenting with ingredients you haven’t used before. You’ll have plenty of new tastes to try, and your sandwiches will now be far from boring.

2. Change The Packaging

Once you’ve got some new toppings you like, another way to inject some variety into your sandwiches is to consider the bread you use. Forget the plain old sliced white or wholewheat – there are hundreds of types of bread out there which are well worth trying. Try using a wrap for your sandwich, or grilling a bun or dinner roll. Non-wheat breads such as rye are worth checking out too. And don’t forget breads from around the world, such as ciabatta, pitta bread or tortillas, all of which have their own unique flavours.

You can even make sandwiches without using bread at all – great if you’re watching your weight or eating low carb. Try wrapping your ingredients in leaves of lettuce or cabbage, or for extra flavor, use sheets of nori seaweed. These are all healthy bread alternatives that taste great too.

3. Take a Flavour Journey

To add some more exotic flavours to your holiday leftover sandwiches, try experimenting with ingredients from around the globe. For example, for a Thai touch, use a peanut sauce in combination with some crisp noodles and/or shredded cabbage. A Southwestern flavour can be had with some spicy peppers and mango chutney, or go Mediterranean with sun dried tomatoes, olive slices and roasted sweet peppers.

These are just a few of the hundreds of possibilities available for making holiday sandwiches with a difference. With an open mind and a bit of creativity you’ll never have to eat boring sandwiches again!

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