Coming up with ideas for dates can be challenging enough at the best of times, but many people really feel the pressure to do something special around Valentine’s Day. If that sounds like you, remember that you don’t have to go to extremes to keep your partner happy – they just want to be with you and have fun, and when it comes to Valentine’s date ideas, just putting a slight twist on classic date activities can be enough to create a memorable experience. Here are a few suggestions to begin with.

1. A Romantic Restaurant Date

Yes, it’s a cliché, but restaurant dates on Valentine’s Day are hugely popular for a reason. To make the evening extra-special, try going to a restaurant you wouldn’t normally visit – perhaps one in a different town, or one that has live entertainment, or unusual food choices. Just choosing a venue that’s out of the ordinary for you can make the date a special one.

2. See A Show

coupleAnother fun Valentine’s Day date idea is to attend a live show of some kind. You’ll find plays and other theatre productions, musical concerts, dance and other shows in most towns of any size. Most people don’t take in live entertainment every day, so doing this will make for a special date. Movies are another option of course, but if you often go to the cinema, it might be worth doing something a bit different on the 14th.

3. Have A Valentine’s Day Picnic

How about going for a romantic picnic? This is another idea for a Valentine’s date that doesn’t have to cost the earth, and can be very romantic, especially if you don’t normally take picnics together. Include your favourite foods, as well as some special treats such as Valentine’s chocolates, and find a scenic setting you’ll both enjoy. This suggestion is easier to follow if you live in a warm climate, but even if you don’t, a picnic can still work well if you drive to a nice place – you could take a romantic walk, and eat in the warm car afterwards.

4. Stay At Home

With a bit of imagination, you can have a romantic date without even leaving the house. Many people opt to stay home on Valentine’s Day, and while some might think this sounds boring, there are lots of ways to create a special evening in. One idea is to make a Valentine’s treasure hunt by buying small gifts or chocolates, and creating a trail around the house. You could hide love notes too, and perhaps create a romantic atmosphere with scattered rose petals, incense or an essential oil burner, soft lighting (especially candles) and romantic music. A basket of chocolates – heart-shaped naturally :) – and champagne in the bedroom is an appetising way to conclude the evening. Making the effort to do things like this is a great way of showing you care, and can be a lot cheaper than an expensive evening out too.

5. Pamper Yourselves

Many spas offer services for couples, which are a great idea for a date on the 14th . You could both get a massage together, or go for a full day’s spa treatment of rest and relaxation. This can be a great way to spend the day before a romantic night out (or in).

Whatever you decide to do for your Valentine’s Day date, make sure you make all your arrangements in plenty of time, so you can beat the rush. And have fun!

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