Tattoos are hugely popular these days, which also means that there’s a large market for tattoo cover up products. There are various reasons why people want to conceal tattoos. Some people who get tattoos end up regretting it as they grow older, yet don’t want to go through laser tattoo removal or other painful and expensive methods. Others get bored with their tattoo, and want to conceal the original design by making it part of another tattoo.

Sometimes people who are otherwise happy with a tattoo might just want to cover it up for a special occasion. And then there are those who work in occupations were tattoos are still frowned upon, and are required to cover the tattoo by their employer.

Whatever your reason for wanting to conceal your tattoo, there are a few options available. Firstly, you can cover it up with makeup. Secondly, you can use a concealing fabric wrap, which fits over your body like a bandage. These are both temporary tattoo concealment methods. Existing tattoos can also be covered up by new tattoos. Let’s take a look at these methods in more detail, so you can decide which is right for you.

1. Using Make Up To Conceal Tattoos

Perhaps the most well-known and popular method of temporarily concealing tattoos is to cover them up with make up. There are many companies which make flesh-coloured make-up in a variety of shades, so whatever your skin tone, you are likely to find something to suit. Dermablend is one very popular brand that seems to give great results for many people.

While some people just use ordinary concealer sticks or stage make-up, for best results it can be worth investing in a specially made tattoo cover up kit to effectively hide tattoo ink. Such kits usually contain a concealer similar to foundation, and often powder to set it in place, as well as an applicator and makeup remover.

Tattoo coverup kits are usually available in specific skin tones. However, you can get kits which contain multiple shades (such as this color wheel by Ben Nye), so you can mix them together to get a better match. These can also be useful if you get a suntan, so you won’t have to buy a separate kit in a different shade.

Tattoo cover up make upAs well as the aforementioned Ben Nye (who is well-known as a supplier of stage make-up), other brands of tattoo cover up make up include Covermark (left), Tattoo Camo, Ferbs Tattoo Undercover and Kat Von D.

Another option for cosmetic tattoo concealment is airbrush make-up. As the name suggests, this type of make-up is supplied with a small airbrush, similar to that used for painting cars. You can achieve very even coverage with this method, and a setting agent can also be applied over the top of the make up, which can help it stay in place for longer. Spray make-up is also available in aerosol cans, which may not offer the same precision, but is another option to consider. While you can get airbrush makeup kits to use at home, it’s more often applied by a professional, and this will be necessary if your tattoo is in an awkward position.

The advantages of using make-up to hide a tattoo are that it’s relatively easy to use and inexpensive, and it can conceal the tattoo completely. On the downside, concealing make up is usually visible at very close range, and it may also leave a mess on your clothing or on anything else you rub up against when wearing it. It’s also just a temporary solution, so if you’re very unhappy with your tattoo, you’ll probably eventually want to look into permanent tattoo removal options.

2. Using Tattoo-Concealing Accessories

A quite different tattoo concealment method is offered by TatJacket which is a bandage-like accessory that you stretch over your arm or leg to instantly cover up your tattoo. These are available as full and half lengths sleeves for the arms and ankles, as well as half length sleeves for the calves. The colour range is limited to tan and black, although they do come in different sizes.

The TatJacket is made from a lightweight and very flexible nylon-spandex blend, which is also breathable for comfort. In addition, the fabric offers UV protection, making it a good option for protecting your tattoos from fading in the sun.

3. Getting A Cover-Up Tattoo

Finally, some people are interested in covering up their tattoos not with a concealer, but with another tattoo. This can be a good way to hide a tattoo design that you’re not really happy with, by making it part of something much better.

It helps if you already have an idea of the kind of design you’d like to cover your existing tattoo. If you don’t already have a tattoo artist in mind, the best thing you can do in this situation is to visit a number of tattoo shops, and get suggestions from the artists there.

A cover up tattoo will almost certainly involve getting a custom design, as you’re not likely to find a pre-existing design that’ll blend perfectly with your current tattoo. It’s also likely to be larger than the original tattoo. Both of these factors mean that you’ll probably end up paying more money for your cover up tattoo than you would if you were getting a new tattoo on virgin skin. Since cover up tattoo prices are higher, if budget is an issue, it’s worth taking the time to save the necessary money, rather than going with a very cheap or nonprofessional artist, who may not be able to give you quality results.

The choice of designs available to you is likely to be relatively limited compared to getting completely new tattoo, as you’ll obviously have to work around what’s are already. The coverup tattoo will also need to include some darker colours, at least in the area where it goes over your old tattoo – this is because tattoo inks are translucent, and if you put a lighter ink over the top, the old one will eventually show through.

It’s also worth taking plenty of time to locate a tattoo artist whose style you like, and who you feel comfortable with. If he or she specialises in cover up work, so much the better. You’re already living with one tattoo that you’re unhappy with, so you want to do everything you can to ensure that your new tattoo will be something to be proud of.

Hopefully you’ll find a way of hiding your tattoo that you’re happy with. However, if you decide that you’ve completely outgrown your tattoo, the best solution over the long run might be to opt for permanent tattoo removal, so you won’t have to be constantly concealing it.

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