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Bakign soda

Baking soda – also known as bicarbonate of soda – is a great natural product that is useful in lots of ways. It can help you to save money on cleaning products, as well as cut down on potentially harmful chemicals. Baking soda is cheap to buy, especially if you buy in bulk. Let’s look [...]

Green lightbulb

If you want to help the environment, but don’t have a lot of money to spend, don’t worry. There are many little things you can do that when combined, can make a big impact. Here are some earth-friendly ideas for living in a more sustainable way without breaking the bank. 1. Save Water Using less [...]

Purple polka dot mug

I’m a huge fan of polka dots, and will be doing a series of posts highlighting some of the best polka dot designs and products I’ve found (mostly on Zazzle and Amazon, as these are the sites I use the most for this kind of thing). Strictly speaking, polka dots are spots that are spaced [...]


The process by which a seedling sprouts from a dormant seed is called germination. This article provides an overview of what happens when seeds begin to grow. Before Germination – Seed Dormancy and Hibernation Most seeds undergo a period of dormancy and/or hibernation before they begin to grow. Seed hibernation occurs when the environmental conditions [...]


Have you ever wondered why do plants have seeds? The answer is that seeds enable a plant to reproduce, and are thus a very important part of the plant’s life cycle. Do all plants have seeds? It’s important to realise that not all plants use seeds to reproduce. Ferns and mosses are examples of seedless [...]

avocado seed

In a very general sense, the word seed is often used to refer to anything that is sown in the ground to produce a plant. However, not everything that can be sown – such as sunflower ‘seeds’ or ‘seed potatoes’ – is actually a seed. So what are seeds? Seeds are basically embryonic plants. They [...]


Thinking of buying mail order seeds online? The internet brings a world of merchandise right into your home, and gardening products are no exception. Buying mail order seeds online is an easy way to find those seeds that you can’t obtain locally, but it’s important to bear a few points in mind, to ensure a [...]

Bean bag cover

Bean bag furniture is enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity these days, thanks to the comfort and style that bean bag chairs offer. Beanbag covers are responsible for giving bean bags their attractive appearance, and are available in a huge variety of styles and designs. In this article we’ll take a look at the main [...]

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