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zodiac signs

The astrology chart takes the form of a wheel, which is divided into sections. These sections are based on the astrological signs, the Houses, the planets (including the sun and moon), Elements, Angles, Aspects, and Qualities of the zodiac. Each facet of the chart is equally divided individually over the 360° wheel. There are different [...]

brainwaves sound

Would you like to have an out of body experience? Just imagine being free to leave your body at will, and swooping away over the rooftops to faraway places, or voyaging through the mysteries of the astral plane. Master astral projection, and there is no need to have to wait until you havea holiday from [...]

Financial astrology software is used by those who believe that astrological principles influence the movements of the stock market, the economy and other areas of business and finance. What Is Financial Astrology? Astrology is based on the idea that the movements of celestial bodies (planets, the sun etc) play a role in influencing physical factors [...]